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NOVEMBER 23, 2009   

Yum (I hope)

Uncooked turkey in wrapper, on kitchen counterHere it is: 11.4 pounds of Pennsylvania-raised, vegetarian-fed, antibiotic-free, never-frozen turkey. The price...gulp...$34.

Despite the price, this bird meets only three of the GoodGuide's five tips for buying a turkey (it's neither organic nor pasture raised).

Sure hope it's good. The Jaindl Farms website promises me that it will be worth it. A frozen Honeysuckle brand turkey at Dave's would have been about fifteen bucks.

I know it's better for me and the environment. We'll have to see if there's a noticeable difference in flavor and/or texture.

More on Fridays@7

When I wrote Friday's article on the Cleveland Orchestra's Fridays@7 series I couldn't find a direct link to information on the series. Thanks to Jennifer Schlosser, Media Manager for the Orchestra, here's the schedule for January-April 2010. If you buy tickets for the 3-concert series you'll save money vs. buying them one at a time. And college students, take advantage of great student prices for all concerts, available the week of the concert.

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