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SEPTEMBER 17, 2009   

A few more steps

Cars in parking lot, looking down long aisle to buildingIt won't be news to anyone that I'm not a revolutionary. Even back in my 60s-kind-of-hippie days I was always more "Give Peace A Chance" than "Off the Pig!"

Same goes for my efforts at living greener and more sustainably. I'm looking for small changes that anyone can do that multiplied by millions could make a small difference.

Here's one I've talked about before, but it's so damn easy I have to say it again. When you're going to work, school, or the store, pull into the farthest-away parking place, not the closest (this may be harder than you think). Here in the Tri-C parking lot that puts me about 100 yards further from the building. Multiplied times four days a week that's about a quarter mile.

Why bother? Well, here's how I see it: when you look for the closest space you're likely to drive through the entire lot at least once, maybe twice, hoping to nab that prized location. You might even wait, engine idling, while someone gets in their car, puts on the seat belt, adjusts the mirror and picks a piece of lettuce out of their teeth, checks their phone for messages, texts their BFF, and finally pulls out of the space. That means more gas used and more air pollution. You're not that person.

Now that we've helped the planet a tiny little bit, look at what it will do for you: walking more can't hurt—do it enough and maybe you can drop that expensive gym membership. Finding a space quickly rather than driving round and round will lower your stress level. And you get to feel morally superior to the person still circling the lot hoping someone pulls out of a close-in space.

Try the little steps. Can't hurt, and may be a way to build to bigger steps.


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