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AUGUST 21, 2009   

Yin and yang

Close-up of screen with words active shooter visibleI try to not be overly paranoid about the threat of violence in the world, but since a close friend was shot by a student in the school where he teaches I no longer think "it can't happen here."

Even so it felt more than passing strange to be in a meeting where "Active Shooter" shared a checklist with "Fire Extinguisher Training."

My school, Cuyahoga Community College Western Campus, takes campus safety very seriously, as today's meeting demonstrated.

I think the committee and the Boy Scouts have it right: it's good to be prepared. I just wish the list ended at "Fire Safety Monitor."

Three ducks standing at edge of pondAfter three hours of meetings I wandered outside towards the back of campus. I sat on a bench in the shade of a tree. A small group of ducks stood patiently as I ate my bag of chips, hoping I'd toss them a few (I didn't).

The water, trees, brick buildings and blue sky beyond seemed very far away from the world of the Campus Safety Meeting. Sadly they are one and the same.

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