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AUGUST 31, 2009   

Improve yourself. Or not.


Logo of Hundred Pushups PlanSince I run 4-5 miles several times a week, and walk quite a bit, my legs are in pretty good shape. As for my upper body, well, let's say "scrawny" wouldn't be an inaccurate description.

I've thought about lifting weights on non-running days but haven't gotten around to that. Someone on Facebook mentioned the Hundred Pushups training plan, and it sounds perfect. No equipment needed, work out three days a week, and the promise is "a great chest and shoulders" in six weeks. Hmmm. We'll just see about that.

Tonight I'll do the initial test (how many pushups can you do before collapsing in a quivering heap), then two days later I'll start the program. Stay tuned for reports. And wish me luck.


Baby on floor biting giant snake, caption reads Parenting FailOK, I can't think of a single good reason why you should waste even a single minute of your time at FAIL Blog.

Still, every time I visit I have to tear myself away after many minutes. If you think America's Funniest Videos (on TV) are funny, you'll like FAIL Blog. No redeeming social value. None.

Be sure to check it out.

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