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OCTOBER 25, 2009   

Fall day, sign of winter

Car and recyle bin in Edgewater Park lotIt was a beautiful autumn day at Edgewater Park. For the first four laps of my run I even needed my sunglasses. Then the sun set all too early, around 6:30. I'm not likin' these shorter and shorter days.

When I pulled into the park I got a sobering reminder of just how close winter is: the city recycling bin has been moved to the parking lot closest to the lake. That's the one that stays open and plowed all winter long.

The lot near the beach—where the recycle bin spends its summer—is often closed when there's snow on the ground, I guess because it's more difficult to plow.

Near the lake most trees still have most of their leaves. A few are even still partly green. But there's been enough cold weather already that we know their days are limited. On a sunny day like today we need to savor the sights of autumn.

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