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SEPTEMBER 30, 2009   

It really is Kanyelicious

Kanye WestA couple of days ago I talked about a fun site that offers Kanye West's take on any website you ask about. Even since I typed my own URL into Kanyelicio.us I've noticed a significant number of web visitors coming to TheViewFrom32.com via a link from Kanyelicio.us.

What's amazing to me is that these visitors stay on my site longer and visit more pages than the average visitor. The chart below shows today's stats, tracked via Google Analytics. The numbers are for visitors who arrive at my website via a link from another site.

Web stats for TheViewFrom32.com

The top line shows the average for all visitors who come from another site. Typically they look at a couple of pages and are gone in about a minute and a half. Compare this with visitors from Facebook and Kanyelicio.us. Who'da thunk it?

I'd expect that visitors from Facebook would stay longer and visit more pages, seeing as how they are my "Friends". But the folks coming from Kanyelicious visit 25% more pages and stay almost five times as long. What's going on? I don't even understand how there even can be a link from Kanyelicio.us.

Any web folks out there who can help me understand what this Kanyelicio.us fan club is all about?

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