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AUGUST 9, 2009   

In search of the perfect slaw dog

Al eating slaw dogLiving just a few blocks from Old Fashion Hot Dogs, formerly the Hot Dog Inn, I have a pretty good idea what a chili dog, better yet a slaw dog, should taste like. I've tried quite a few and still haven't found one to beat the ones Old Fashion used to serve (their quality has gone down since they switched from 100% beef dogs).

Just outside of Wilton, New Hampshire there's a cute little hot dog shack that sold me a juicy dog on a toasted bun, but the chili was bland and the slaw not creamy enough. They got the assembly of ingredients wrong, too. The slaw should be on top of the chili so that you get a dramatic cool/hot effect when you bite into it. Putting the chili on top of the slaw made everything kind of lukewarm. So the search must continue.

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