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AUGUST 23, 2009   

Too many choices

Detail of paper towel packageBounty or Target brand?

Six roll package or eight?

Giant roll or regular size?

White or patterned?

"Make-A-Size" or standard sheets?

After the first few minutes comparing packages I knew I was in trouble. I wanted white "Make-A-Size" and the brand didn't matter, so I figured my basic math skills would give me the answer. 6 for $6.99 was definitely cheaper than 8 for $9.99.


See the small print at the lower left corner of the package? Some packages had 156 sheets/roll, others had 164, still others only 137. So just counting the rolls and dividing that into the price didn't actually tell you which was the better deal. Fiendish capitalists at work! I think quadratic equations are required, or maybe probability theory.

So this was the package I had in my hand, and it's the one that went home with me.

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