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AUGUST 24, 2009   

First day of work / school

Walking toward the entrance to Business and Technology buildingIf I had a lunch pail it would have been like walking into the shop: back at work for the first time since May 2008. The people heading out to the parking lot were the early shift heading home.

OK, it's not the same, but still. Teaching is a great job—one of the best, I'd say—but it is a job. If the college offered to extend my sabbatical for another year I'd jump at the chance.

On the other hand, it was exciting to plan new ways to approach the students and the material for today's Web Publishing class. I've taught it many times before, but I try to use each new semester as an opportunity to rethink how to get students enthused about web design.

Seemed to go well. We'll see. Tomorrow: Media Design.

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