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SEPTEMBER 7, 2009   

Rainy day

Wet and not-happy-looking AlIt was mostly sunny and pleasant today as I tried to divide my Labor Day holiday between indoor and outdoor activities. Around four o'clock I decided to abandon the computer and head to Edgewater Park for a much-needed run. By the time I got my running shoes on the rain had started, but I decided to chance it anyway.

Here you see the result, about an hour later.

I was completely soaked and at this point not in the best of moods. I'd forgotten that Labor Day in Cleveland means Air Show on the lakefront, which means hundreds of cars and people jamming the park for free viewing of the show. As I arrived these many hundreds of cars were all trying to leave through the single one lane exit road. It was clear I'd be in the parking lot for quite a while.

Running in the rain wasn't bad, really. I play a game with myself when the weather seems nasty: run just one lap, I vow. At the end of that lap when I'm tempted to quit I tell myself just one more lap. By the time I'd finished the third lap I was so wet that it couldn't get much worse, so I kept splashing through the puddles for a couple more trips around the circuit.

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