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OCTOBER 4, 2009   

Michael Moore: Say you want a revolution?

Close-up of Michael Moore being interviewedA friend's comment as we discussed Capitalism, A Love Story, would have made Michael Moore cringe: "I wish he would have told us what to do about it."

Here's what Moore said in an interview at the film's premiere:

I throw a challenge out to the audience...I'm asking my fellow Americans to join with me to be involved in our democracy. But if people are going to sit on the bench and just watch everything else happen and wait for Michael Moore or somebody else to do it...I'm not gonna do that anymore.

He offers ideas on the Do Something section of MichaelMoore.com, but his message is clear: the ball is in our court.

The film itself is classic Michael Moore, meaning laugh-out-loud funny mixed with sobering realities and the occasional painful human tragedy. Marcy Kaptur, Ohio's 9th Congressional District Representative, comes across as one of the film's few heroes. She doesn't mince words in criticizing the 2008 Wall Street bailout.

Even more dramatic are interviews with several Catholic priests and bishops in which they unequivocally state that capitalism as it currently exists is morally wrong. Moore leads into these by showing scenes from his Catholic childhood.

What you take from this and whether or not you "get off the bench" is your choice. Michael Moore has done his part, showing us what's at stake, very well.

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