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June 15, 2012

Calm before the...

Today was lazy bike rides and reading and sitting in the sun because tomorrow our kids and eight grandkids will roll in. The peace and quiet of today will be history for the next few days.

I finished Most Human Human today and was surprised that it didn't end more strongly. He won the "most human" award and mulled over its meaning, as follows:

"Laurels are of no use. If you de-anonymized yourself in the past, great. But that was that. And now, you begin again."

Good advice, but not the sort of parting thought I'd expected. For a book filled with so many surprises and revelations this seems too predictable. Too on-book.

Synchronicity: in The Mandel Files they talk about the Turing test when discussing AI (Artificial Intelligence). Fortunately I now know a bit about the test since it's the central theme of Most Human Human.

Slightly cool and definitely breezy today, staying by the water was tough as the afternoon wore on. Too chilly for lounging.

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