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June 14, 2012

New beach

We took a bike ride down Monagon Road, past the new solar-power flashing stop signs that mark the airport runway (stop for planes) to the Scheele Preserve. The sign has been there for a few years but we never took the time to walk through the field. Frankly, it looked pretty boring.

Somewhere recently I saw a picture with a "Scheele Preserve" caption that show people standing on a lovely beach. That seemed worth investigating. It was: a deserted clean sandy beach where it seems you've escaped the mostly built-up shoreline of KI.

Beach panoramaBack at the house

Today was very breezy all day, kind of cool, with a deep blue sky that turned the lake turquoise, almost like the tropics. Near perfect.

Still reading and loving the "human" book, learning things and writing down the most interesting a la Austin Kleon. It feels,just a big weird to be learning from this young guy (actually, both the author and Kleon) but I'm happy with the ideas even though they come from people who could be my kids.

Also reading In The Garden of Beasts about Americans in Berlin at the start of the Hitler era. Non-fiction, it sadly illuminates the low-level but very real anti-Semitism that let our government downplay the danger of the Nazis. In retrospect we sure could have done more but clearly avoided taking action.

And finally, new fiction: The Mandel Files (ironic title, no?), science-fiction by Peter F. Hamilton. Interesting so far.

An aside: in answer to Joe's question about what made our trek in the Grand Canyon fantastic, this answer came to me later: it was a great sense of physical/mental accomplishment, maybe like finishing a marathon, but with some of the most beautiful views in the world.

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