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June 10, 2012

Ready, set...

Al and bikes on carOrganizing, checking our lists from previous years, moving bags, boxes, and coolers to the car. Last thing is putting the bikes on the rack, then we're ready to go.

The relatively short drive (about an hour) always has to include, for me, a stop at McDonald's for coffee (wouldn't be a car trip otherwise).

At Marblehead, $68 lighter we drive onto the ferry. Twenty minutes later, Kelleys Island looks pretty much the same, no obvious new additions. The house has a few changes, new microwave, fridge, reclining chairs (now two so we don't have to fight over who gets it).

Lake Erie beachHot day, in the 90's earlier but cooler now, with a breeze accompanied by the sound of waves washing ashore. Nice.

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