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June 11, 2012

Start with Barthes

[Note: My experiment with using the voice recognition feature of the iPad instead of typing is working, but it's slow going. Pretty frustrating really. I'm going to need to keep experimenting with how to do it. In the text below, {brackets} indicate what voice recognition came up with.]

From NYT Magazine, May 27, 2012: "Roland Barthes was 'fun one' of French theorists. He was less interested in traditional coherence than what he called {you his son's} jouissance joy surprise adventure pleasure." Maybe I'll try reading his early book {pathology's} Mythologies "he was the Walt Whitman of critical theory."

So I've been alternating reading fiction and nonfiction and fiction is {Ursola blends the following} Ursula LeGuin's The Telling which I've almost finished; the nonfiction is The Most Human Human {I bark Briarcrest} by Brian Christian. Reading online about Brian Christian it turns out that he's talking about some of the same things that are in the book that I just bought by Austin Kleon whose title I can't remember.

Christian is something of a genius: he has a degree in computer science and philosophy and also an MFA in poetry. He writes about Greek philosophy, he writes about current philosophy, brain scans, all sorts of things and he {doesn't look} does it in a very enjoyable style.


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