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June 13, 2012

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Sunrise, sleeping, reading, sitting in the sun, bike-riding, and so on.

Sand and seaweedFrom our trip to the sandy beach, a still-life.

Am still really enjoying The Most Human Human: the range of his research coupled with his light-hearted way with words make an unbeatable combination. I feel like I'm learning a lot and enjoying every minute. Can't say that about too many books.

Even cooler and still windy all day. Ended up with jeans & a long-sleeved shirt on to combat the chill. Plus all the doors are closed tonight for the first time.

Not feeling like saying anything profound. No revelations or break-throughs, but thoroughly enjoying the feeling of being on vacation. Makes me wonder what "retirement" will seem like. Permanent vacation? Not what most of my retired friends have said. They all are busier than ever.

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