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June 22, 2012

Last one

Today was our laat full day on the island, and the weather smiling on us: sunny, warm, with a little breeze. Perfect for the bikes rides and short hike out to the rocky beach.

Finished Dream of Perpetual Motion and was happy to see it end. The last couple of novels I've read have worn out their welcome far sooner than I'd like. This one seems to be trying to hard to be profound and poetic, but it did make me think from time to time. The characters were constantly frustrated by a world,that didn't live up to their expectations. They might have founds happiness by learning acceptance.

J and I went back to the Island House for a late dinner and enjoyed our salmon, tomato salad and Croque Monseur. Back at the house we sat and watched the light fade over a peaceful lake, then enjoyed the hot tub for a while.

Setting sun over lakeGood end to a pleasant day.

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