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MAY 10, 2009   

Kitchen preview

I'd hoped to have a few good pictures of our newly-remodeled kitchen but ran out of time. Tonight I'm grading student portfolios, something I haven't done for, oh, about a year. Even though I'm still officially on sabbatical, I offered to take a look at the online portfolios of graduating students. We try to have at least three teachers or professionals grade each one to give the students the benefit of various perspectives. I'm finding that each one takes about a half hour, so I still have another hour to go tonight.

Detail of kitchen counter, backsplash and windowSo here's all you're getting right now, a sneak preview of a spot in the kitchen where several major pieces come together: the countertop, the backsplash, the sink and the garden window.

It's hard to tell when you're looking at individual pieces how everything will work together. You make your best judgment and cross your fingers. In this case we're very happy with the results. The last piece—the backsplash tile—seems to pull everything together. Much better than the alternative.

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