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JUNE 13, 2009   

Getting ready

I bought so much food today at the West Side Market that I literally ran out of money. I bought lots of bread, bagels and cheese alng with fruit and vegetables. I ended up inside at Whitaker's negotiating the number of pork chops I could get for $10.50, all the cash I had left. The answer is four. Five put the total to $12.37 and the guy standing next to me pulled out two dollar bills and urged me to go for it. I was embarrassed to take his cash, so left with my four chops. Nice guy, though.

Bags of coffee, packages of foodA mid-afternoon trip to the liquor store set me back another $60, but there will be no shortage of gin, vodka or brandy. I ended the day with a visit to Dave's where I dropped another hundred bucks on staples like bread flour, yeast, coffee and spaghetti sauce.

The occasion for this orgy of consumption? Our annual trip to Kelleys Island. You'd think they didn't have stores there, but there are two or three where we could buy most of this, but at significantly higher prices. That's what you get for being on an island where everything comes across by ferry. And there's no liquor store.

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