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JULY 29, 2009   

Andy, Joe & me

Warhol  print reflected in another Warhol printWent to the show Andy Warhol Prints: 1974–1986 at the Cleveland Institute of Art and was once again reminded of how underestimated he is by the general public. I include myself in that group since I'm not an art collector, scholar or critic. So, like most of the public I associate Warhol with Campbell's Soup cans and partying at The Factory.

The CIA show spans only fourteen years, yet shows silkscreen prints in a wide range of styles, from brightly-colored images from the Myths series to sketchy still lifes with lines printed in black then hand-colored with watercolors.

In keeping (mostly) with the show's "No photography" policy I snapped only one, a detail of the print Joseph Beuys, with two Moonwalk prints reflected in it. And I'm in there too.

If you can get to the show (only two weeks left), I highly recommend it. Better yet, visit the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. If you can't do either of those but aren't convinced that the quantity and quality of Warhol's work justifies his reputation, go to Andy Warhol Prints and click through the galleries of hundreds of images.

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