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JULY 26, 2009   

OK, kids, time to play!

View through fence toward dark, barren play areaWhile we were waiting for yesterday's Great Chicken Coop Move to start we walked back to the fence that separates the Gather 'round Farm from the day care—oops, I mean "Child Enrichment"—center behind it. Here's what we saw.

I have no doubt that this "play area" meets legal requirements, but what are we saying to our children by forcing them into this environment? It looks more like a minimum security prison than a play area.

I can't find the words to express how sad and angry this makes me feel. Can't the owners of this business—which of course it is—invest in a few plants, a little paint, and some imagination to make this asphalt parking lot look like something other than an asphalt parking lot?

Plants, rocks, gardenIt doesn't even take much money, just effort, imagination and care. Stand at the fence and turn 180 degrees and this is what you see. How sad that the people running the day care center don't learn from their neighbors.

New video

Earlier tonight I put together a short video taken inside the chicken coop just before we moved it yesterday. Just us and the chickens trying to figure out what to do. Take a look.

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