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JULY 13, 2009   

New & different

New video

The latest (and probably last) of the videos from Friday night (July 10, 2009) at the Ingenuity Festival.

I'm a firm believer in the church of You Can Never Have Too Much Percussion, so here's a bit of the performance by Samba Joia, an Afro-Brazilian Drum Line that seems to be made up of mostly white Clevelanders. But they drum up a storm, and look like they're having a lot of fun. The audience sure does.

I saw them practicing near the beach at Edgewater Park in May and really enjoyed it. I've even considered trying to become one of the two totally inexperienced players they take on at any one time. I'm not sure I can handle the one-year commitment they ask for.

Different fate for Foote's?

Back in March I sadly speculated that Foote's Market in Valley View was gone for good, driven out by commercial development all around it. On Friday as I walked along the Towpath Trail de-stressing after my first Tri-C meeting in over a year I noticed that the sign had chang ed: it no longer said "See you in Spring" but "Closed for Remodeling" remained. If it was truly gone, why would they bother changing the sign? Maybe they were going to rebuild it bigger and better than ever.

With the help of my old friend Google I found a Sun Courier article from June 2009 that talks about how farmer Earl Foote plans to build a new market on a mound of dirt he's trucked in to keep it above water if the area—a flood plain—suffers another of its frequent high water episodes.

This is a much better outcome than I dared to hope for.

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