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JUNE 14, 2009   

Trip to Kelleys Island

Netty's hot dog standAfter the usual hectic packing and loading process, whereby we move what seems like half our kitchen and pantry into the car for our trip to Kelleys Island, we left Cleveland at 2 p.m.

On the way we stopped at Netty's, just outside of Marblehead, for a chili dog with cheese. For the past few days I've been looking forward to eating one on the ferry, the twenty-minute trip which officially starts the vacation. The dog itself was quite good, but the chili and cheese were pretty bland, not up to Hot Dog Inn standards.

View of Lake Erie from beachWe got to the house at 4 but they were still cleaning the place, so we didn't actually settle in until 6:30. Our first look at the lake was surprising. The water was much higher than usual. The rock shelf "beach" where we always put our chairs was under an inch or two of water. Not sure if the lake level is higher this year or if it's simply the wind from the northeast creating more waves than usual. We'll find out on the first calm day.

To our dismay—especially since the wind was kind of chilly—we couldn't use the hot tub. The landlord had "shocked" it with a high level of bromine to kill bad stuff in the water and warned us not to use it until tomorrow. Bummer.

All in all we're getting off to a slow start. To make things worse, Joanne has to go back to Cleveland tomorrow for two more days of work.

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