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MAY 8, 2009   

Really fresh pasta

Most of the time I just buy the brand of pasta at the supermarket that's one shelf above the store brand. Recently I've upgraded to Barilla Whole Grain, which is made with 51% whole wheat flour but doesn't taste like sawdust. In fact it's quite good.

On those relatively rare occasions when I splurge on freshly-made pasta, I buy Ohio City Pasta from their stand at the West Side Market. I love their ravioli, stuffed with smoked mozzarella or butternut squash. Delicious. OC Pasta is really a local food—their small production facility at W. 32 and Detroit is only two blocks from my house.

Label on side of pasta box saying "Made for Al"Today I got something different: tomato & basic linguini made in very small batches by Pastaffinity in Barberton, OH, about 40 miles away. As you can see on the box, it was made yesterday, just for me.

I ordered five pounds of pasta through Fresh Fork Market, a local supplier of organic and locally-produced food. I didn't really need that much, but the pasta is literally made to your order and five pounds is the smallest batch they make.

Tomorrow we're having a few friends over for dinner. The plan is to have the pasta with Portobello mushrooms and onions in a garlic and olive oil sauce. Hard to go wrong with that, although it would be better if we had fresh basil. Still, I expect it to be delicious.

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