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MAY 5, 2009   

Digitally-altered photo of LeBron and AlLeBron & me

LeBron has been very good to me. A couple of years ago I wrote a short article about an Etch-A-Sketch drawing of LeBron done by artist George Vlosich. In less than two years that article has gotten 4800 visits, more than double any other page on this site.

I wish it had something to do with the quality of my writing, but I know it's the combination of Google and the magic words "LeBron James". But I'll take the visitors no matter what brought them to my site.

I've been thinking about LBJ because with yesterday's news of him winning the NBA Most Valuable Player award came the more remarkable news that he asked for the award ceremony to be held at his old high school, Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary.

In his generous—and genuine—acceptance speech LeBron thanks his school for "helping me to become the man I am today."

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I'll admit that I used to be skeptical about LeBron. His "Chosen One" and "King James" nicknames—and tattoos—seemed to show an ego run wild.

He's forced me to rethink this. He's the real deal. He's taken his obvious great talent and worked on improving every aspect of his game to become the dominating player that he is.

He also is by all reports a tremendous team player who has taken the lead in moving the Cleveland Cavaliers from the middle to the very top of the game.

After listening to several interviews with LeBron I'm impressed with both how articulate he is, and how modest he is—despite the nicknames and tattoos. I've become a fan.

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