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JULY 11 2009   

Ingenuity Festival

Last night was opening night for Cleveland's Ingenuity Festival of Art and Technology, one of my favorite events. It, like the Art Museum's Parade the Circle, is unique and fun, not a cookie-cutter version of something that happens in every city. Music is always a big part of Ingenuity, and I've got a couple of special treat for you below. Plus a human-powered sculpture by a Cleveland artist that's an example of what Ingenuity does best.

How could you not like a bagpiper jamming with a surf-rock band, KB and the Riptides? I was sorry to see him leave the stage.

You'll hear a whole different kind of music and see some pretty cool moves in this clip of the Shaw High School Marching Band. They are not Cleveland's largest high school band by a long shot, but are the coolest.

Before performing this year at Ingenuity, they traveled to China as part of the Olympic Music Festival.

Not music, exactly, but one of the delightful things that you'll see only at the Ingenuity Festival.

This human-powered Urban Trotter sculpture by Cleveland artist Melissa Daubert is being pushed by our friends' little girl.

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