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JULY 19, 2009   

Puerto Rican Festival

It was a little cool but fabulously sunny, a great day to walk downtown and watch Cleveland's annual Puerto Rican Festival parade. I expected color, music, and lowriders. We got some of each, though not always what you might expect.

Watch the video to see the highlights from my point of view.

There were also lots of politicians—both in and out of cars—a few commercial vehicles and fewer than a half dozen floats of one kind or another.

Funnel cake stand and Puerto Rican FestivalWhen the parade ended we walked to the festival itself with food on our minds. Besides funnel cakes there were more kinds of fried foods than you could shake a stick at. No health food here!

There was a section with carnival rides for kids, but since the music hadn't started yet, adults didn't have much to do besides getting our blood pressure tested at the Walgreen's tent, and eat. So we ate. Fortunately they weren't doing cholesterol testing.

Plate with fried plantains and an arepa on itWe each tried fried plantains from different stands. I also sampled an arepa, two thick corn pancakes with melted cheese and sweet corn in between.

Neither batch of plantains was as good as homemade ones I had at a neighborhood party, but I liked the arepa. A couple of non-alcoholic Pina Coladas hit the spot as the afternoon heated up and we started the walk home.

OK, so it wasn't as good as the Latin-influenced food we had on Friday, but hey, you just gotta relax and have fun sometime.

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