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JULY 14, 2009   

Open season on the Honda Fit

Honda Fit with all four wheels removedIt started less than a week ago when a former student of mine posted a picture of her Honda Fit on Facebook. Someone had stolen its front bumper while it was parked overnight on Bridge Avenue.

The second victim belongs to a friend who'd parked it on Clinton Avenue near West 32nd (a block from my house). Sometime last night thieves helped themselves to all four wheels/tires. The plastic milk crates they used to hold it up didn't do the bodywork any favors. Nor did the tow truck driver who dragged it across the pavement and onto his flatbed

Front view of Honda Fit with missing front bumperThen just a few blocks east, on a street that leads down into the Flats, we saw a third Fit, this one missing its front bumper as well.

A few days ago I didn't even know what a Honda Fit looked like. Now it seems that they're the Flavor of the Month for local car thieves. WTF?

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