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JUNE 21, 2009   

Father's Day

Nice sunristGorgeous dawn today, looks good for the entire day.


Danny, Joanne, Misty and two little guysThis morning around 10:30 Danny, Misty and the three kids arrived, setting off a day of non-stop action. We did it all: beach, golf cart rides, food, ice cream, miniature golf, hot tub. And of course a bit of scrambling around on the slippery rock beach behind the house. It was a minor miracle that no one slipped and bonked their head. I've got a big bruise on my thigh from a slip a couple of days ago.

Danny and family walking onto ferryUnfortunately Danny has work bright and early on Monday, so everyone except for Xavier had to leave on the 9:30 ferry. Xavier will hang out with us for a few days, a custom we started a few years ago.

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