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JUNE 19, 2009   

Stormy morning

Dark cloudsFive minutes before sunrise the eastern sky was an intense rose, almost ominous. The lake was clear to the horizon, but clouds beyond hid the sun as it rose. The sky gradually lost its red, then its pink, and became a neutral blue.

At 5:55 I snapped the sunrise, but the flash fired and ruined the shot. No way to turn it off, since the old camera lost that function a few days ago. I sprinted to the house for the new camera, came back and shot this somewhat blurry image. The shutter release is different and I must have jostled the camera a bit.


3 mayflies on screen doorSo far we've seen very few mayflies at the house, although the ferry dock had a good supply. This morning we had only these three visitors on the screen door and one or two others here and there.

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