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JUNE 4, 2009   

Walk with me: scenes from the 'hood

Dramatic graffiti on bridge over railroad tracks

10:33 a.m. Train Avenue near Fulton.        mouseover images to enlarge ->

Stuffed animals and plastic tulips mark a death in the neighborhood

10:56 a.m. Train Avenue near West 51st St.

Praying hands and tiki lantern on a porch

11:00 a.m. Further along Train Avenue.

Graffiti on the old Cloth Craft / Joseph & Feiss factory

11:19 a.m. Junction Road near Walworth Avenue.

Graffiti by the artist who did more ambitious pieces not far away on Train Avenue.

Remains of the Cloth Craft sign on the south wall of the factory.

11:22 a.m. Junction Road near Walworth Avenue.

Note that alongside the house with flowers units are boarded up, and units further south are unfinished. This large project—many more tpwnhouses were promised and the factory was to become apartments—has been abandoned by the developer.

11:28 a.m. Access Road near Fenwick Avenue.


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