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MAY 7, 2009   

A little bit greener

Last month I talked about how not-green our kitchen rehab has been. Though I think that I'm attuned to environmental building issues, I lost sight of them in planning & buying materials for the kitchen. If I'd have had simple choices between similar products, some green and the others not, I'd probably have chosen the green alternative even if it was more expensive. But it didn't work out that way, in large part because I didn't put time and effort into tracking down green alternatives in advance.

Label on toilet seat box saying earth-friendlyYesterday when shopping for a new toilet seat at Home Depot I got an opportunity to redeem myself. Now you have to understand that when confronted with—literally—a wall of toilet seats, you desperately start to look for differences.

Some are obvious: price, plastic or wood, padded or not padded. So I'd narrowed it down to a couple of simple white seats that cost about $20 and was waffling over plastic vs. wood. Then I saw the "Eco-Options" label and my decision was made. An extra incentive to buy this Bemis seat: Made in the U.S.A.

Who'd a thunk it? The Bemis Manufacturing Company of Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin is "The World's Leading Toilet Seat Manufacturer." Take that, you Chinese wannabees! You may make all our toys, shoes, vitamins, and bobble-head dolls, but we rule in the world of toilet seats.

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