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MAY 14, 2009    More below:  CANYON VIDEO

Garden visitors

Garter snake curled up on cardboardYesterday when I was working in the garden I had a couple of unexpected visitors.

Unfortunately for him (her) this garter snake was holed up in the bag of mulch leaning up against the fence. When I pulled the bag onto the cardboard and sliced it open I accidentally got part of the snake too. You can see the cut near the bottom of the photo.Two baby robins

These two baby robins had a much better afternoon. They hopped around the compost heap, chirping, while there mother went after worms and brought them back to the ravenous little guys.

At one point there were three hungry mouths to feed, keeping mom busy.

Canyon update

A new addition to my report on our trip to the Grand Canyon, From the Cuyahoga to the Colorado, is this short video of us hiking back up Hermit's Rest Trail.

It was exactly a month ago today that we did this 5+ mile hike. As you'll see, Joanne set a pretty good pace going uphill. I'm huffing and puffing to keep up.

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