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JUNE 25, 2009   


Nice sunriseThe sun was behind the clouds a dawn, and the day got hotter and hotter until a big storm hit i the late afternoon.

Big storm and its aftermath

The day was hot and muggy—92 degrees by late afternoon. Then the storm hit: not the worst we've seen on the island, but still impressive. I was cooking on the outdoor (stainless steel) grill and decided that discretion was the better part of valor when a huge "boom" announced a nearby lightning strike. I turned off the burners and retreated into the house to wait for things to calm down.

Anita, Jared, Joanne and Xavier playing cards by candlelightThe electricity went out as I knew it would. It's a rare visit to Kelleys Island that doesn't include at least one power outage, ranging from a few minutes to overnight. This one lasted about three hours. We got in several games of cards with Anita and Jared after dark before the lights came back on.

I enjoy these unscripted times when there's no possibility of watching TV, making microwave popcorn, etc.

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