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August 29, 2012

'61 Dodge

'Just Married' sign on back of DodgeNearly forgot that my "commercial art" career started when I was in my teens. A long-forgotten slide shows my early work on the back of a '61 Dodge.

My "Just Married" next-door neighbor and her new husband pull away from St. Catherine's Church on East 93rd.

In the background the traffic light marks Heath Avenue, where my family lived until 1965.

The yellow brick building is a major office/maintenance facility for CTS, the Cleveland Transit System (in 1974 reorganized as the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority).

Barely visible (to the right and above the traffic light) are two parallel wires that powered the CTS electric "trackless trolleys." I rode the #10 down East 93rd to East 105th and Carnegie when I went to high school at Cathedral Latin.

But times change. CTS is gone. Trackless trolleys live on in other cities, but not Cleveland. Virtually every building in the photo has long since been demolished. St. Catherine Church and Cathedral Latin School have closed and their buildings razed.

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