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August 28, 2012

Not what they had in mind

Tags for Bic For Her pensSaw this on Facebook this morning, and I'm just going to pile on the Internet bandwagon that goes back at least a year to this Jezebel.com article.

Because the dolts at Bic deserve it, and you deserve a laugh today (at their expense).

When the Marketing department planned a Bic for Her line of pens they may have thought people would appreciate their focus on the female gender. Instead they created a cottage industry of Amazon.com reviewers writing hilarious snarky reviews and inventive tags for the product.

I recommend you sample both British and American reviews. The "Most Helpful" British review is this one:

I bought this pen (in error, evidently) to write my reports of each day's tree felling activities in my job as a lumberjack. It is no good. It slips from between my calloused, gnarly fingers like a gossamer thread gently descending to earth between two giant redwood trunks.

Americans fired off this "Most Helpful Favorable Review":

"Wife", I said, "If you could have one new fashion accessory to go with your Snooki's Sultry Hobo Handbag what would it be?" Finally, her dreams can be realized. I'll have to teach her how to use a pen safely but it will be worth the effort once she starts earning big bucks addressing envelopes at home...

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