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OCTOBER 22, 2010

You'll be fine.

I shared this on Facebook yesterday and several friends found it quite moving. Thought I'd pass it along to a wider audience. Not my work, unfortunately. This was created by a guy named Ze Frank.

First, listen:

The story

" I received an email from a woman named Laura, who had recently moved to a new city for a new job.

She was overwhelmed with anxiety and asked me to write her a song to help her calm down."

The rest of the story.

More from Ze Frank

In my view this guy totally gets how the web can connect people in ways that are significant, human and fun.

We had him at Tri-C years ago for a lecture and workshop. He is genuine and funny, not to mention wildly creative.


Just for laughs

Since Ze got his start as an internet celebrity with his How To Dance Properly videos in 2001 it's not surprising that his first TED talk was hilarious.

Still more

Ze Frank website


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