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Bad dream

It's a clear sign that summer vacation is coming to an end. I woke up this morning after an unsettling dream about a web design class I was teaching. In a sort of geeky teacher version of the dream where you're in front of an audience with no pants on, I dreamt that I had just given a class a final exam that I hadn't even seen myself. I told them that they would pass or fail based on their test score, all the while thinking that there's no way I could grade the test fairly.

To top it off, as I was giving them final instructions on how to get their grade and test results, the entire class was chattering away, completely oblivious to what I had to say. Sheesh.

Screenshot showing Opera Web Standards Curriculum websiteDream curriculum

The reality is I'm usually pretty well prepared for class, and most of the time students pay attention to what I have to say. The class that went so badly in my dream is one which I teach frequently and usually goes very well, Web Publishing I. I was reminded of this a couple of days ago when I saw a reference online to the Opera Web Standards Curriculum.

The folks behind the web browser Opera, together with other experts in the field, created a "dream curriculum" to teach web design. It's made up of more than 50 online tutorials that:

..takes students from complete beginner to having a solid grounding in standards-based Web design, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development. The course is supported by top companies and organizations such as the Web Standards Project (WaSP) and Yahoo!.

I was pleased and encouraged to see that with the exception of a section on Javascript, our Web I course objectives and syllabus match up quite well with the Opera curriculum.

-> Complete Opera Web Standards Curriculum

-> Websites created by students in my Web Publishing I class.


Vacation update

Castle towerJust added:

Kilkenny Castle; Fancy Sandwich; Dunmore Caves
July 28, 2010


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