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JULY 20, 2010


Page from Rick Steves' Ireland guidebookBreakfast

Driving home from a visit to Yellow Springs I knew I'd pass one of my favorite highway breakfast spots, the down-home, kinda tacky but also tasty Waffle House.

Since fried potatoes are a particular weak spot of mine, I usually get their home fries with onion, tomato and cheese. Today I was tempted by the buttermilk waffle instead.

The waffle was OK, but next time I'm going to stick with the tried and true home fries.

Pet food vending machineSnausages

Never saw this before: one rest area on I-71 in Ohio has a snack-food vending machine for pets. Snausages, anyone?

Beef & latkes

Corned beef & latke sandwichTonight was the second time in a week that I was on the other side of town for a meeting, literally driving past Corky & Lenny's deli.

Since my refrigerator is bare today, I stopped to get a takeout sandwich: corned beef between two latkes (potato pancakes).

It's served with applesauce, sour cream and a dill pickle. Half of the sandwich was today's supper, the other half will be lunch tomorrow.

If you're going to eat meat, this is the way to do it.

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