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JULY 12, 2010

Blogging Blossom

Entrance gate to Blossom Music Center, Summer home of the Cleveland OrchestraEvery summer in Cleveland should include a visit to Blossom Music Center to hear the Cleveland Orchestra in concert.

Sad to say, though, we've missed quite a few in the 40+ years since the summer home of the orchestra opened. Yesterday we had the added incentive of free tickets offered by the Orchestra to local bloggers.

If I were a true journalist I'd have turned them down to maintain my objectivity, but alas, I'm not. Sadly I can be bought fairly cheaply, in this case two tickets to the concert and an invitation to a media reception.

Truth is, however, you don't need to pay me to say that hearing the orchestra outdoors among the trees and hills of Blossom is always a treat. I'll say that for free.

Cleveland Orchestra on stage at Blossom Music Center PavilionInside

We usually sit on the hillside, or more typically I lay there and look at the clouds as the music washes over me.

This time we had tickets to sit in the Pavilion, a wood and steel semi-circular shell that's aging gracefully. Not as glamorous as Severance Hall, the orchestra's University Circle home, but impressive in its own way.

Surprisingly I really enjoyed the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D major, Opus 35. Not the kind of music I usually go for, but this was quite beautiful, and soloist Giora Schmidt fiddled up a storm.

Plan your own visit to Blossom, or Severance in the winter, at the Cleveland Orchestra website.

Many small dessert items on tableBonus

So, we had beautiful music in a lovely setting. The price was right, and to top it off there was a small media reception with the soloist and conductor. And desserts. Lots of tasty little desserts.

Note to other Cleveland cultural organizations: I'm available.

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