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AUGUST 7, 2010

Remember when...

Cases of Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback edition...pop (that might be soda to you) was made with good old-fashioned sugar that just rotted your teeth? That changed in the late 1980s when American drink manufacturers switched to high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) because it was (is) cheaper.

Some nutritionists argue that HFCS is worse for you than ordinary sugar, causing obesity and/or Type 2 diabetes. The Mayo Clinic is more cautious, saying that research has yielded conflicting results.

Here's what I saw at my local grocery store today: manufacturers covering all their bases by selling "Throwback" versions of their drinks made with good ol' real sugar.

OK, I sort of get the idea of "throwback" uniforms for sports teams. It's mostly to sell more souvenir gear, but there is a certain nostalgic appeal to it. And the Mountain Dew cases shown here do have the old-style graphics, if that works for you. What I'm wondering is, on the health front, is this a step forward, backward, or no step at all? What do you think? Click "Comments" below to add yours.

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