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OCTOBER 5, 2010

Walk in the rain

Flowers growing on a wooden bridgeThe best thing about today's union contract-ratification meeting was that it was held in Independence, not far from one of my favorite walking spots, the Towpath Trail.

I parked on Canal Road near East 49th and walked a mile northward. As I turned to head back it started to drizzle. By the time I got back to the car I was thoroughly damp but feeling good.

I love the way nature and industry peacefully coexist on this part of the trail. In the photo, flowers (weeds?) grow on a wood and steel railroad bridge.

And speaking of coexistence, I want to end with a big shout-out to our union leaders who negotiated a good, if not perfect, contract with Tri-C. I have no faith that the college administration values the work of faculty adequately (see What's Wrong With This Picture), so I'm grateful to have a strong union fighting for us.

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