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AUGUST 5, 2010

Tomato sauce

Vegetable garden with lots of tomatoes The garden is doing well, especially the tomatoes and peppers. More Romas than we could possibly eat made my task for the morning cooking up a big batch of tomato sauce to freeze and enjoy when summer is only a memory.

I started by picking only the reddest fruit. I know I'll be doing this several more times as the season continues.

Tomatoes, peppers and basil in a bowlI added today's harvest to another bowlful on the kitchen counter. I didn't use the poblano peppers, but did add lots of the leafy basil.

I cut each tomato in half, squeezed out the juice and seeds, then put them in a blender skin and all. Next time I'll peel them to see how it affects the flavor.

Tomatoes, peppers and basil in a bowlAfter the chopping, squeezing and blendering there wasn't nearly as much as I expected. The big stainless steel pot I found in the basement was overkill for sure.

Before adding the tomato puree I sauteed celery, onions and peppers in the pot to add flavor. Then, fresh pepper, salt, a dash of red wine and lots of chopped basil got stirred in as it simmered for several hours.

We sampled it on a pizza for tonight's dinner. Tomorrow I'll freeze the rest in one quart containers. Feels good to have the first batch of fresh sauce that I know will taste extra good when the garden is buried under a foot of snow.

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