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AUGUST 27, 2010

Multi-tasking: FAIL

I started the day with a long To Do list, and multi-tasked my way through the morning.

I spent an hour and a half on the phone with the Cleveland Water Department convincing them that they shouldn't shut off my water for not paying a bill they never sent me.

With my iPhone on speaker I was able to continually update my (lack of) progress on Facebook. That gave me some small satisfaction.

Between FB updates I call the Plain Dealer to start a subscription for my Mom, checked personal and college email, and filled out an online rebate form that will net me four bucks. A pretty good morning, considering.

For lunch I made myself an open-faced tomato and cheese on bagel sandwich. Continuing to multi-task I carried it, a glass of iced tea, a book and the morning paper out to the back yard. I put down the glass, paper and book and pulled a plastic table over to set the... shit! I dropped the sandwich. It landed melted cheese down. To see the result, mouse over the photo above.

I wasn't totally successful picking off the grass and dirt so ended up throwing away the $10 per pound grass-fed handmade cheese and most of the tomato. Round two: fresh slices of cheese and tomato, recycled bagel. The result: other than the crunchy pieces of dirt, not bad. Next time I think I'll focus on delivering the food and drink in one trip, entertainment in another.


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