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JULY 7, 2010    GLASS


Yellow and blue plantsThe yellow yarrow plant was thriving for a month or more until three days ago some critter dug a good-sized hole down around its roots. I dug it up and replanted it, adding extra composted manure as a reward for being disturbed. The next day the hole was there again, exposing the roots. I suspect that it's my nemesis the groundhog.

I replanted it yet again, this time covering the soil with rocks to make the critter's digging more of a problem.

To the right is a new delphinium plant we bought at the garden close-out store on Warren Road. In addition to the great color contrast, the new addition immediately attracted a butterfly, a big plus in my book.

Meanwhile, inside the house I discovered mouse dropping on the counter (not coffee grounds after all!). Looks like our yearly mouse invasion, later than usual, is happening anyway. So right before going to bed I set two traps baited with gobs of peanut butter.

Glass, the movie

Watched Glass: A Portrait of Phillip in Twelve Parts tonight. A great film if you're interested in Glass, his music, how he works, the creative process, the life of an artist, and/or any number of things covered by the film. If you like movies to have lots of action or a clear narrative arc, you may fall asleep halfway through. Joanne did. But I loved it, even watched all the deleted scenes on the DVD.



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