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SEPTEMBER 16, 2010

Disturbing, revealing

Thanks to one of my colleagues in the Photo department I discovered Phillip Toledano, a photographer who does work that is intriguing, revealing, and disturbing. Here's how he describes his approach: "...photographs should be like unfinished sentences. There should always be space for questions."

I've just looked at all the images online from his various projects. I have plenty of questions.

Toledano's images work the magic of art: you see the ordinary world in an entirely new way. Below are a few samples to whet your appetite. Please don't stop here, though. Everything on his website, MrToledano.com is worth your time.

Abu Ghraib bobblehead - Phillip ToledanoFrom America The Gift Shop

From The United States of Entertainment - Phillip ToledanoFrom The United States of Entertainment

From Bankrupt - Phillip ToledanoFrom Bankrupt

Hand-written note from Days With My Father - Phillip ToledanoFrom Days With My Father

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