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OCTOBER 7, 2010

Eat 'em like junk food

The problem: you want to sell a whole lot of baby carrots... to young people... who think they're uncool... because "it's what your mom puts in your lunch."

The solution: transform them into a cool new sort-of junk food.

Here's how:

Create TV ads that are funny spoofs of the ads used to sell beer, perfume, or of course, junk food.

Put baby carrots in junk food packaging.

Sell them in vending machines at high schools.

Create a baby carrot game for the iPhone, a Twitter feed, and a Facebook page.


It's really, really important that you do it with a sense of humor. Remember, we don't want this to sound like mom's idea.

Mouse over Nutritional Info at right to see what I mean (from babycarrots.com).

Even more baby carrots

Search for "baby carrots" on YouTube.com to see more commercials (you'll have fun).

I first heard about baby carrot advertising from the NPR story Extreme Baby Carrots: an experiment in marketing. The agency that created the campaign is CP+B (Crispin Porter + Bogusky) in Boulder, Colorado. You'll also recognize work they've done for Microsoft, Burger King and Coke.

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