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Yard sale

Hand-lettered sign that says Yard SaleI spent the morning in Hudson, Ohio helping my daughter with her yard sale (rummage sale, tag sale, whatever you call it). It was a whole new world for me.

I remember once or twice helping with neighborhood fund-raisers like this. You had to watch out for the early-arriving vultures who tried to cherry-pick the best stuff at a lot less than the marked price. I'm pretty sure most of those folks resold their purchases at much higher prices.

Cardboard box with hand-lettered label saying Yard Sale CrapToday I mostly did grunt work, starting with moving boxes of crap—oops, I mean vintage treasures—from the garage.

Later I hung around when Sharon had to go inside to make sandwiches for the kids or put the baby down for a nap. I was worried about having to deal with people trying to pay less than the marked price, but amazingly that didn't happen often.

Group of people standing around at yard saleWe didn't have a huge number of shoppers but it seemed that everyone walking by stopped to introduce themselves and welcome Sharon and family to the neighborhood.

Hudson seems to be a very friendly town. Joanne and I were there a few weeks ago on a house-scouting trip and were amazed that everyone we passed when we walked downtown smiled and said hello.

Today, a few of these friendly folks even spent some money: by the time we packed things back in boxes at 2 pm we'd made a hundred bucks.


Vacation update

Castle towerJust added:

Goodbye Dublin; the Flight Home; Hello Cleveland
August 2, 2010


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