The View From 32


SEPTEMBER 28, 2007

Grab your board

Surfers in Lake Erie near sunsetBeing a surfer in Cleveland is not glamorous. The lake doesn't cooperate most of the time—either no waves or only small ones.

Today there was a steady breeze from due north kicking up modest waves. That brought about a dozen surfers to Edgewater Park around 5 pm. I watched one actually sprint from his car carrying his board—probably didn't want to miss his chance to catch a wave.

A couple of noisy jetskis raced around out just past the surfers. You can hear their higher-pitched snarls if you listen closely.

While the wind wasn't strong enough to make big waves, it created mini-sandstorms as it blew straight across the beach.

There was a cold edge to the breeze, a warning of things to come. Definitely an autumn breeze, not end-of-summer breeze. Last weekend we were in New Hampshire where a few trees had already turned red and orange. I looked all around the park today and was reassured to see nothing but green. The lake's warmth will stave off the first frost for a while longer.

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