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October 31, 2011

Then & now

Bowl of Halloween candyThere's a lot of pressure now to give out good stuff at Halloween. Name brand candy is essential, and our bite-sized candy bars probably didn't impress any of the couple dozen trick-or-treaters that knocked on the front door.

It reminded me, though, of the Wasco tradition when I was a kid.

A day or two before Halloween, we'd get together to assemble treats. You'd open a paper napkin, toss in a few pieces of candy corn, a little box of raisins, whatever it was that dad bought that year, and maybe a few pennies, then gather up the napkin and twist it closed at the top to make a little sack of goodies.

Try that nowadays and suspicious parents would probably toss it in the trash.

What was your Halloween tradition? Share your memories below.

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